Monday, 15 June 2009

Slow Grind The Wheels

Of bureaucracy...

We're still waiting on our DA amendment to allow us to build our shed. I've been flat out with work the last few weeks, but it hasn't been enough to keep the mind off it ;-) They assure me it will be this week. Tuesday in fact, but that seems so close that it must be wrong, lol!

These slow grinding wheels help reinforce the idea that we will not receive any salvation from above with respect to all of the problems we face. Government is glacially slow at the best of times, without taking into account the political expediency of short term gain proceeding long term goals.

I'm currently reading John Michael Greer's The Long Descent, which is great stuff so far. A lot of the territory is familiar given that I religiously read his blog, but it's great to read it as a single narrative, and there have been a number of new gems in amongst it. I expect that there will be more as I get into the latter half of it. I'm looking forward to passing it on to the DW, as she has only heard his message secondhand via my babble, I think she will enjoy it first hand.

I managed to score a number of orchard trellis supports that had been welded up out of star posts. An hour or so with the angle grinder and I now have fifty odd star posts, enough to build a fence around the stage-one orchard out at the new place. In amongst getting the roads and fences done for the shed DA (fencing there needs to be all new materials, so recycled stuff is out) I will hopefully have time to whack that fence in so we can consider planting something out there this year. Our lonely oak, planted not long after purchase, is hankering for some companionship!

I've got a pile of old mesh and wire in one of the gulleys. I'm thinking as a remedy for the need to go all new on the council improvements I might go all recycled on the orchard fence. Not sure how greatly I fancy untangling old wire netting though, so there will be more thought applied between now and then...

If I do get my DA this week you could be in luck with two posts, though it could well be a scary rant on the subject. Until then, keep well!!

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