Monday, 22 June 2009

A Quick DA Update!

We got our amended development consent on Thursday of last week. "Not happy Jan" as they say. Besides determining in our favour on the zincalume issue, and letting us know it's okay to fence the road reserve rather than putting in stock grids, they've now decided that we need to upgrade the entire laneway to RG2 standard (which is essentially 2 lane gravel through road standard). This is for a lane servicing a single dwelling, on a dead-end road, coming off an RG1 standard lane.

So I've called everyone (well, not quite, but close) in preparation for a meeting with Council today. Discovering gems like the fact that the Council built the existing road at great expense to the subdivision developer. So they charge one guy for it, then charge another for it again. Nice one. Not sure if they are allowed to do that under Section 94 rules...

Lots of deep breathing exercises, a dozen drafts of notes, a final succinct summation of the issues. If we don't get satisfaction we'll be taking the whole sordid case history to the Mayor, and if there is no satisfaction there, then we'll take it to court, the court of public opinion that is. For a Council that wants to promote development they sure are going about it the wrong way.

I've got to go away for a few days after the meeting today, so I won't be sharing the results until later in the week. All fingers crossed!

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Gavin said...

Best of luck Geoff, hope it works out for the best.