Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Hints Of The Future

The last month or so has been jam packed with things to keep me occupied. Work has been super-hectic with a major project, which should be calming down at the end of the week as it enters stage 2. I should be able to gain some semblance of normality once the requirement to work until the ungodly hours of the morning is done away with.

Those two special days in the week that are called "weekend" have similarly been consumed with both work and driving to "Sydney" on a regular basis. My dad is moving, and his sheds have become the Steptoe & Son of my dreams. Almost everything he considered throwing out has been accepted, loaded and transported the 400 odd Km's back home.

In reviewing my haul I came to an interesting conclusion. Nearly everything I've idly wished for over the last few months has now come my way through this serendipity.

We have a bodgy standard rural pipe connecting the mains to the house, courtesy of the original inhabitants. In our clay soil, once summer hits the ground moves and the pipe bursts with regularity. So after the last bursting I left the hole open thinking I would get some green line poly and do the job properly. Life got in the way and I never made it to town to get the pipe. The DW's desire that I should fill in the hole won out, and it was done. A few weeks later I arrive at dad's, and lo and behold on offer is close to a full roll of green line poly. Will the miracles of wishes never cease? Indeed not!!

I'd also wished for an outdoor sink, received. A bathtub for the water chestnuts, received. A completely open flyscreen to replace the half closed one on the front door? Recevied. A bike to ride? Done times two. A 44 gallon drum to make a charcoal "factory"? Got one of those too.

When discussing this with my brother he mentioned the secret. I thought, the what? Then he clarified that I needed capitals in there. "The Secret". He's heard a bit about this, and thinks it's the same thing. Wish for things and the universe provides them. Takes me back to the days of youthful idealism reading Deepak Chopra and Louise Hay and wishing it were all so easy. Maybe there is something in it after all?

Now we've been considering moving for some time, idle thoughts, nothing concrete yet, though they have been less and less idle as time has gone by. My dear mother has been telling us to do it sooner rather than later, so we can get fruit trees up and running before the kids are too old to be interested in eating fruit etc etc. Golden advice all of it. So after a recent conversation with her I decided to speak to our mortgage advisor (now she hasn't asked for advertising, but we're chuffed with the help we received on this place, and the help to date on our new adventure, so it would be remiss of me to not name names, Kylie McFarlane at Aussie in Springwood) who helped us into this home, just to see what options were available to us, to see how we would go about moving our plans forward.

Well, you wouldn't believe it but there were options for us, and pretty good ones. The message was, find something you like and we'll go from there.

A short while later we turned up a nice block of land, over in a good area as far as our climate requirements went. We ummed and ahhh'd over it, trying to decide whether it was still too soon, but then thought, what they hey, the universe will let us know whether it's possible or not (or the bank managers at least).

So now, were just waiting to see if the finance will be approved. It hasn't been an easy one, there were a number of hidden issues with the place that caused us some concern, but we were able to find ways around them. It's a lovely block of land, 69 acres of it, with a bit of creek frontage, a lot of hillside, and some great stands of massive white box, which is an endangered species therefore protected.

I've decided not to get stressed about it, it either works out or it doesn't. Throwing it out to the universe, making the wish and trying to remain detached from the outcome. As I look back over the path that led us to this point in life, in this location, it seems just like a carefully organised holiday package, roller-coaster rides and all. If only I could remember what we ordered in the first place :-)

I read another example of this kind of universe in a post over at the blog by Lightening: Fast Tracking Our Dreams

So I've not gone totally loopy, yet...


Crazy Mumma said...

Wow Geoff, that new place looks sensational :-) The Universe can really throw us some curve balls some times, but I have my fingers crossed for you that everything falls into place for you. And I'm incredibly jealous of your haul too, by the way! Well done. Cheers,

Geoff said...

Thanks Julie! We've all got our fingers firmly crossed (and toes) as well. It's a beautiful block of land and would certainly be a dream come true.

The haul was a once in a lifetime I think, I doubt he could collect together so much stuff again, but I was amazed the first time :)

Rhonda Jean said...

I'm hoping you get it too. How fabulous. Geoff, it doesn't surprise me that you received the things you wished for. I believe that generosity creates a kind of strange loop, the more you give, the more you receive back. You just have to be open to it. I know how generous you are, so it's great you got your windfall.

Fingers still crossed for the land sale. It's hard typing like that though. ; )

Geoff said...

Thanks Rhonda!! We had a bit of positive news today, so we're perhaps 70% of the way to success.

Polly said...

How exciting Geoff. I'll cross my fingers too and hope that the other 30% comes through quickly. Best of luck.

Kris said...

That looks like a really beautiful piece of land. Did you get it?

Every time I visit my parents I come home with cases of stuff, some of which I've wanted, some I didn't realise I needed until I saw them there for the taking!

Geoff said...

We're still waiting at the moment, though it all looks pretty promising. Just going backwards and forwards getting some kinks in the contract ironed out... Lots of fun!

Thanks for your wishes.